The UK Underwriters Advantage Report™ contains property-specific information that features property location, construction overview, construction class, occupancy overview, details about businesses at the address, indicative replacement costs, flood zone details, terrorism risk, and crime data by type, including overall rank and deciles.



Construction and occupancy overview

The report provides construction details on building height, age, number of stories, roof type, wall construction material, data quality code, and more. You also learn occupancy details such as Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes, building use, and type of business.

Estimated replacement cost

The 360Value® replacement cost represents the indicative cost for a contractor and/or repair company to rebuild the structure(s) in the referenced geographic market following a total loss in accordance with current building codes. The replacement cost amount includes pricing for labor, materials, and contractor’s overhead and profit but does not include costs for excavation or land value.




The Underwriters Advantage Report provides flood zone details. With detailed site location maps, you get an indication of the likelihood of flooding from rivers, sea, or surface water. Two indicators are provided for the risk of flooding from rivers and sea depending on whether the area’s flood defenses are considered.

Location details with aerial imagery

We provide high-resolution aerial images and street-level mapping of the building and surrounding properties.



Crime information

Crime information is based on an evaluation of the Lower-layer Super Output Area (LSOA) for England and Wales or, in Scotland, on the data zone of the building. The overall crime ranks and deciles provided are measured based on recorded crime rates for burglary, vandalism, crimes of violence, and others, depending on location.

Terrorism risk

The Terrorism Intensity Index helps assess the national-level frequency and magnitude of terrorist incidents based on an analysis of historical data on the incidence and any fatalities caused by attacks.


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