State Filing Handbook


Your complete online source of information about state filing laws, regulations and procedures

For more than 25 years, insurers have relied on the State Filing Handbook from ISO for compliance details on filing rates, rules, and forms in all jurisdictions. The handbook tells you how to make independent filings in every state and what to do in response to ISO filings.

And now, ISO's online State Filing Handbook has a new, easy-to-use format that delivers just the information you need for a particular filing.


Comprehensive filing-compliance information for each jurisdiction

The State Filing Handbook gives you complete information on filing property/casualty rates, rules, and forms in all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico. With ISO's flexible subscriptions, you can order information for just the states where you do business — or get the big picture for the whole country.

For each state, you get 24/7 access to:

  • A summary of filing laws and regulations, complete with statutory and regulatory references
  • Details of special filing requirements, with statutory and regulatory references
  • Links to Microsoft® Word, Excel, and interactive PDF versions of state filing forms and speed-to-market checklists you can fill out online, print, and submit
  • Automated calculations for forms that require them
  • The State Filing Forms Auto-Fill feature to complete common fields
  • Links to the text of state regulations and bulletins on filing activities
  • Procedures for adopting or modifying ISO's filings as the basis for your own rates, rules, and forms
  • Information on rules for "referrals to company" and "individual risk situations"
  • Filing requirements for nonfiled inland marine
  • Information on where to file and a list of state insurance department personnel, including phone and fax numbers, as well as e-mail addresses and links to department websites

To get an overview of the requirements, you can browse each state section through a convenient web interface. Or you can search by type of filing and line of insurance to get just the information you need for a particular filing.

There's also a powerful keyword search for each state section — or for the whole handbook. The search includes statutes, regulations, bulletins, and forms, so you can find the exact topic or section you need in seconds.

Multistate reports

The online State Filing Handbook includes a flexible multistate reporting feature that covers a wide variety of filing topics. Choose your topic, your type of filing, and your states — or select all states. The State Filing Handbook generates a convenient, customized table that summarizes the requirements for the states you're interested in.

Customer E-mail Alert Service

The online State Filing Handbook includes a subscription to the ISOnet® State Filing Handbook Alert Service. The service automatically sends you e-mail notification when updates to the State Filing Handbook occur. And you can customize the service to send you alerts on only the states for which you want notification.

All this, plus the telephone Help Desk

Your subscription to the State Filing Handbook includes daily updates, plus access to ISO's telephone Help Desk. Call anytime during business hours for fast answers to your questions about individual state requirements, procedures, and filing forms. It's your complete filing information service.


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