TeleUnderwriting Service — Site-Specific Info Collected by Phone

If you're looking for a quick, cost-effective alternative to traditional on-site surveys, ISO's new TeleUnderwriting Service may be the answer. Specially trained ISO staff will conduct telephone surveys and provide an electronic or paper report that details the business processes, physical characteristics, and exposures for commercial properties.

Every report supplies the accurate site-specific risk information you need — quickly, reliably, and at just a fraction of the cost of a typical on-site survey. You can use ISO's TeleUnderwriting surveys as an alternative to on-site surveys or to determine if a physical survey is necessary.

Critical underwriting information

With ISO's TeleUnderwriting surveys, you'll be able to verify and analyze key information on commercial businesses, including:

  • occupancies and employees
  • business operations and sales
  • fire protection and security systems
  • building size and construction
  • sanitary conditions and maintenance
  • safety hazards
  • replacement-cost valuations
  • claims information

Flexibility and service

ISO will custom-tailor each survey to your needs, so you'll always get information consistent with your company's specific underwriting guidelines. The service is equally appropriate for both new and renewal business.

And — as with all of our survey services — you can count on ISO for unbiased, reliable assessments and the expertise of professionals specifically trained to identify loss exposures.

Quick and convenient delivery

You'll save time and money by ordering TeleUnderwriting reports online, and you can order electronic or paper copies of each report. We'll even maintain and archive your reports electronically, allowing you to manage your surveys without ever touching a single piece of paper.

Many benefits

With ISO's TeleUnderwriting Service, you'll:

  • make more accurate underwriting decisions
  • ensure proper risk classification
  • increase compliance with risk-selection guidelines
  • save time and money

For more information . . .

. . . about ISO's TeleUnderwriting Service — or to get in touch with a sales representative — contact ISO. You can also call us at 1-800-888-4476.