Verisk Data Exchange: Claim Solutions

To expedite accurate claim reporting, the Telematics Concierge Claim Service will be built from the groundbreaking Verisk Data Exchange. The exchange accepts all types of data transmitted from vehicles and homes and connects automakers and telematics service providers to insurers.

Verisk Data Exchange Flow Chart: Claims Solutions

The Telematics Concierge Claim Service works in real time

The Telematics Concierge Claim Service automated crash and fraud detection allows insurers to provide their customers more services.

Proactive mitigation

Insurers can improve customers’ driving experience with:

Event detection

When a connected vehicle is involved in a collision, the Telematics Concierge Claim Service can automatically send details to ISO ClaimSearch®, such as:

  • speed and force at impact
  • whether air bags deployed
  • who was buckled in

Instant Notice of Loss-Auto

Now, with customers’ permission, insurers can receive first notice of loss at the accident scene. Paired with a VIN and processed through ISO ClaimSearch, the Telematics Concierge Claim Service can facilitate:

  • adjusters automatically receiving ISO ClaimAlert information
  • insurers alerting preferred partners, such as tow truck operators and body shops

Download the Instant Notice of Loss-Auto brochure for more details.

Additional claim services

  • Facilitating accident reconstruction
  • Assisting with theft recovery
  • Empowering managers to automatically route claims to the right staff members

Benefits of ISO ClaimSearch integration

Because the Verisk Data Exchange is integrated with ISO ClaimSearch, the Telematics Concierge Claim Service enhances claim handlers’ existing workflows and facilitates a more efficient claim process.

Concierge Claim Service includes:

Services Benefits
Proactive Services
Insurers can offer customers proactive mitigation services; what is happening before an event
  • Vehicle health alerts with service provider
  • Proactive weather location alerts
  • Accident frequency location alerts
  • Theft avoidance location alerts
FNOL Event Activation & Insights
Insurer is notified of the event; launches FNOL process
  • Emergency response (Police/EMS)
  • Coverage verification
  • e-FNOL data to carrier and prefill
  • Incident and severity information in ISO ClaimSearch
  • Injury and damage impact data
  • Preferred body shop assignment
  • Preferred tow dispatch assignment
  • Preferred rental vehicle assigned
  • Notifying designated contacts
  • Leverage data for predictive analytics
Post-Claim Services
Insurer has more accurate assessment of event, can expedite next steps
  • Claim adjuster assigned or system processed
  • Event reconstruction/dynamic event playback
  • Theft occurrence and finder alert
  • Leverage data for predictive analytics