Take-Out Services

Manage take-out business with accurate premiums that cover risk

Verisk's take-out services give you critical property information you can use—before you write a policy when you assume take-out business from Florida's Citizens Property Insurance Corporation. Often, data acquired through the take-out process is inaccurate or incomplete, and you can underwrite the policy incorrectly or set premiums that leave you exposed to leakage and loss or don’t reflect proper pricing for your insureds. We can provide you with data from our ProMetrix® commercial property database one of the most comprehensive sources of information available in the industry.

Take-Out Services

Information you can rely on

The ProMetrix database contains underwriting and rating information on more than 3.7 million commercial buildings and about 6 million businesses in the United States including address-specific details on any property in Florida, community ratings for fire protection and building codes, and potential hazards. Verisk provides analytics and analyses that help you take action, manage your take-out business, and predict the risk of future losses, letting you select and price risk, detect and prevent fraud, and quantify past losses. We can tell you about past catastrophe events and their effects at a property and help predict future events. That's especially critical in Florida, where catastrophes such as hurricanes, floods, and sinkholes create special challenges.

For properties not in our database, our highly trained field representatives can conduct on-site surveys for you. Supported by our extensive experience in Florida, our field representatives uncover the risks that need attention.

Loss costs are key

For higher-valued commercial properties, survey results can help you manage high-risk policies and determine whether to take the business and how to price it. You can use Verisk's loss cost reports to encourage property owners to reduce hazards—and offer them pricing incentives to remediate identified risks. It’s a win-win for you and your insureds.