Travel Black Box

Travel Black Box technology is built for easy integration

A solution to help boost revenues, transform underwriting results, and improve the customer journey for sales of travel insurance

The Travel Black Box can provide sellers of travel insurance with the means to more accurately and efficiently underwrite—at point of sale—the increased risk presented by customers with preexisting medical conditions.

Designed to be fully integrated into existing online sales processes or seamlessly incorporated into call centre sales processes, the Travel Black Box provides a fully automated medical risk assessment and rating service that can be completed in just a few minutes.

The customer is able to self-declare health conditions on the phone or online, without having to make a separate phone call to underwriters or wait for doctors’ reports.

A Global Solution

The Travel Black Box is relevant to all countries where travel insurance is sold directly to the public. It is fast being adopted by insurers across the globe and is already in use in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, and the UK. Our bespoke translation tool means that language should no longer be a barrier, and the Black Box can be adapted for any country with its own unique region-specific database.

The benefits of the Travel Black Box include:

  • automated screening with no break in the sales process
  • accurate assessment of increased risk within minutes
  • web page plug-ins easily integrated with existing sales processes
  • customer record of conditions declared and conditions excluded
  • medical dictionary that prompts user on names and spellings of medical terms
  • facility to review and edit previous medical screenings against current medical data sets
  • automated medical reassessments for annual renewal quotations
  • a single medical screening can be utilised to provide quotes on multiple schemes
  • JAWS screen reader–enabled for use by visually impaired