Improve the customer experience and expand your market with automated assessment of pets’ 
pre-existing conditions.

Pre-existing medical conditions are often excluded from coverage in pet insurance, leading to complicated and drawn-out claims, unhappy policyholders, and many pet owners forgoing insurance. But what if you could obtain precise and reliable risk rating on pets’ pre-existing conditions?

Expand your market with the Pet Black Box

Verisk’s Pet Black Box automates the assessment of pre-existing conditions, enabling insurers to get a full view of a pet’s risk within minutes and to make underwriting decisions with speed and precision. Instant results are delivered following the completion of a simple questionnaire about a pet’s medical conditions.

Benefits of using the Pet Black Box

A strong history of innovation

We’ve worked with insurers to automate the assessment of pre-existing conditions since 2000. Using similar principles and technology and with expert input from academic and practicing vets, we’ve created our Pet Black Box.

Robust analytics

The analytics in the Black Box have been developed and refined by experts in medical risk assessment, based on an understanding of the natural progression of medical conditions and claim costs. The data set and algorithms are updated regularly.

Easy to implement

The Black Box is easy to implement through an application program interface (API) or widget plugin solution.

Understand your claims

The Black Box uses consistent veterinary medical codes (VeNom) to identify pre-existing conditions. These codes can help match pre-existing conditions to claims.

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