Transform your health insurance underwriting with the automated assessment of medical conditions.

Pre-existing medical conditions are an important factor to consider in health insurance underwriting. But obtaining and analysing that information can be a major challenge. How do you get the information you need to make precise underwriting decisions?

Inform underwriting decisions with the Health Black Box

Verisk’s Health Black Box automates the medical risk assessment process, providing insurers with information needed for fast and consistent responses. Instant results are delivered following the completion of a simple, intuitive self-declaration of a customer’s medical conditions.

Benefits of using the Health Black Box

Granular risk analysis

The Black Box provides a breakdown of the different risk exposures within health insurance, including maintenance costs, consequential loss, and elective procedure exposure.

Robust analytics

The methodology in the Black Box has been developed and refined since 2000 by experts in medical risk assessment based on customers’ pre-existing conditions.

Easy to implement

The Black Box is easy to implement through an application program interface (API) or widget plugin solution.

Understand your claims

The Black Box uses consistent medical codes to identify
pre-existing conditions. These codes can help match
pre-existing conditions to claims.

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