IP Black Box

IP Black Box for accurate risk assessment

An automated solution for underwriting individual income protection business at point of sale

The Income Protection Black Box provides sellers of income protection (IP) with an efficient way of accurately underwriting increased risk presented by customers with preexisting medical conditions. The medical assessment is seamlessly incorporated within the wider sales process. Easily integrated into existing sales processes - whether on-line, through a contact-centre or via brokers - the IP Black Box provides an automated medical risk assessment.

The IP Black Box contains more than 2,000 medical conditions with carefully constructed question sets designed to identify aspects of disease significant to insurers. The output from the Black Box is a numerical indicator of additional risk in relation to inability to work presented by customers with medical conditions.

The benefits of the Income Protection Black Box include:

  • automated screening with no break in the sales process
  • accurate assessment of increased risk within minutes
  • opportunity to generate additional premium from acceptable risks
  • customer record of declared medical conditions and outcomes
  • clarity of cover with an appropriate product suited to the individual’s needs
  • web page plug-ins easily integrated with existing sales processes
  • medical dictionary that prompts user on names and spellings of medical terms
  • facility to review and edit previous screenings against current data sets