QuickFill Property

Prefill Property Insurance Data

QuickFill® is the fast, efficient way to get the information you need for an insurance quote. The workflow solution prefills your insurance quote, electronic forms, or applications using any sales channels to optimize the customer experience throughout the sale.

When completing a homeowners insurance quote, you need accuracy, speed, and efficiency, but the process is often time-consuming for you and the applicant. What's more, many applicants don't have the necessary details when they apply, and that can lead to incomplete applications or high online abandon rates. You can lose a potential customer or improperly underwrite a policy.

Verisk's QuickFill Property uses a proprietary search engine to query multiple data sources to find all the relevant information on your applicant and prefill the quote screen, right at the point of sale. You get a complete customer profile immediately, with the up-to-date details to make the right underwriting decisions and determine coverages.

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