QuickFill Property Available Data Sets

QuickFill® Property accesses a wide variety of underwriting information from the most comprehensive collection of data in the industry. Here's just a sample of the available data sets:

Customer Information

  • reverse phone number lookup
  • address scrubbing

Personal Property Information

  • year built
  • total square footage
  • building type
  • construction and roof type
  • number of rooms/bathrooms

Commercial Property Information

  • building information, including address, year built, and survey date
  • construction information, including construction class, number of stories, number of basements, and square footage
  • occupancy info, including number of occupants, occupant details, and occupancy hazards
  • protection information, including protection class; and information on security, sprinkler systems, and fire alarms
  • codes and classifications information, including RCP, CSP, and BII CSP codes; Basic Group I and Group II Loss Costs; CSP class; Rating Type; and Experience Level Adjustment factor

Risk Hazard Information

  • fire protection information (PPC)
  • building-code enforcement information (BCEGS)
  • distance to coast/major body of water
  • windpool eligibility
  • wildfire hazard information
  • flood zone
  • crime data
  • natural catastrophe information
  • territory information

Estimated Replacement Costs

  • homeowners
  • commercial

Claims History

  • date of loss and claim status
  • type of loss and loss amount
  • reporting carrier, policy, and claim number
  • loss location

Information on Current and Previous Coverages

  • coverages, limits, and coverage dates
  • deductibles
  • inception dates, persistence, lapses, transactions
  • mortgagee names and addresses
  • policy types

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