ProMetrix Surveys and Analytics

Combining ProMetrix® on-site surveys and analytics creates a powerful underwriting resource

Packaging Verisk's ProMetrix commercial property database and related analytics and our on-site survey services offers you one of the most comprehensive sources of underwriting information and rating data available. The ProMetrix database contains reliable risk information on more than 3.5 million commercial buildings and about 6 million businesses in the United States. For buildings not yet in our database, our on-site surveys give you site-verified, location-specific details on a property so you can make the right coverage decisions.

Here's how it works

You can create a customized package of ProMetrix database analytics and survey services based on your own criteria. When you select the components of each service that work best for you, you can streamline operations, save money, and reduce the time to perform tasks. Some of the benefits of creating a custom package include:

  • a single source for site information, loss costs, valuations, and surveys
  • consistent, accurate, easy-to-use data to help you reduce potential losses and prevent premium leakage
  • an efficient, automated workflow in a low-touch environment
  • automatic processes that kick in when needed — such as automated on-site survey ordering

Verisk offers you many ways to get the data you need, including updated loss costs at a discounted rate, conditional ordering, reduced fees for combining reports, and more. You can enhance your package further by adding components from our LOCATION® suite of address-specific services.