To be as competitive as possible, you need insightful, granular detail about a property and its environment. You need Underwriters Advantage, a single source of information that combines property-specific data from a wide variety of ProMetrix® system reports.

Verisk’s Underwriters Advantage gives you data from our Building Underwriting Report, 360Value® Estimated Replacement Cost Valuation, FireLine® Report, and FloodAssist® Report at a lower price than if you ordered those reports individually. The reports provide a complete profile of the building, allowing you to underwrite more effectively and price your risk more accurately.


Underwriters Advantage includes:

  • Building address information
  • Front and rear building photos, plus high-resolution aerial imagery (when available)
  • Relative Hazard Percentile — a benchmark ranking of risk based on the building's construction, occupancy, fire protection, and exposure compared with other similar buildings in the ProMetrix commercial property database
  • Public Protection Classification (PPC®)
  • Construction details
  • Occupancy details
  • Building exposures
  • Wind-specific information with data on enhanced Basic Group II wind symbols, building construction, Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS®) scoring, roof and wall details, environment exposure, and wind loss history — information that can help you make informed decisions about the potential damage that wind can cause to your insured buildings and how to mitigate the exposure
  • Wildfire risk (available in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Washington)
  • LOCATION® commercial territory codes — commercial property, commercial auto, and Group II zones
  • LOCATION BCEGS classifications — commercial building code information
  • LOCATION wind — distance to ocean or gulf, distance to nearest body of water, and names of the bodies of water
  • LOCATION crime information — past, current, and forecasted crime scores for eight crime types; aggregate crimes against persons; aggregate crimes against property; and an overall crime risk score
  • Estimates of loss mitigation capabilities of a sprinkler system
  • Estimated replacement cost
  • Flood zone determination and other flood risk data
  • InfoUSA Business Report — detailed information on up to four building occupants
  • Property Characteristics Report — public records data, including tax and market sale information, location and site information, and specific property characteristics

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