To stay competitive, you have to make quick decisions. Fast, easily accessible, accurate data and insight are critical. Our field-verified loss cost and risk selection information lets you price your quote accurately and get it to your clients quickly. In the tutorials below, we’re pleased to introduce easier, more effective ways of using that insight to your best advantage — all through our ProMetrix® data and analytics system.

Loss Cost Quote Report — The essential information in the report now features the Risk Engineering Utility and Class Insight for class-rated properties.

Sprinkler Assessment Report — Learn the economic value of a sprinkler system, and get the insight you need for loss control, risk assessment, and a competitive edge.

Estimated Lost Cost Quote Report — The report provides you with a quick, simple, and economical way to estimate both class-rated and specifically rated commercial loss costs.

Searching for a Property by Street Address — The highly intuitive feature provides easier, faster ways to get the property information you need.

Ordering Reports and Surveys — Learn about the “how-tos” of our more user-friendly web portal.

Analyzing an Order History — Order histories let you review your past orders.

Resetting a Password — With our new ProMetrix website, your e-mail address is your user name, but everyone forgets a password occasionally.

Creating a New Account — Before you can take advantage of all of the ProMetrix features and reports, each individual user has to create a new account.

To learn how you can transition to the next generation of ProMetrix, contact Peter de Freitas, assistant vice president – ProMetrix, at PDeFreitas@verisk.com or call 201-469-2341.