In-depth building construction data

To stay ahead of the competition, you need up-to-date information about a building’s construction, occupancy, hazards, and protection. But that isn’t always enough. Sometimes you’ll want a more in-depth look at the loss cost calculations, including the charges and credits we applied. Verisk’s Rating Survey Detail Report gives you details on how we calculate specific loss costs for any risk in the ProMetrix® commercial property database.

With that information, you can advise your insureds on how to improve their risks and potentially qualify for lower premiums. The Rating Survey Detail Report, available through the ProMetrix system, gives you those details — in a concise and easy-to-read format.

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The report helps you:

  • Assess the effect on the loss cost of a building’s construction features, occupancy details, and internal fire protection
  • Identify conditions that, if corrected, could reduce hazards and improve protection deficiencies at the property
  • Make more informed risk decisions
  • Stay ahead of the competition by offering more favorable pricing for an improved risk

Photos and diagrams complete the picture

Our database contains front and rear building photos and diagrams for many of our 3.5 million listed buildings. The photos offer both street level and aerial views, and the diagrams display room layout by floor with all dimensions. When you order a Rating Survey Detail Report, we include PhotoPak™, the Sprinkler Assessment Report, Relative Hazard Percentile, InfoUSA Business Reports for up to four occupants, and a Property Characteristics Report, which includes public records data such as ownership, tax, and market sale information.



The Rating Survey Detail Report includes information from Verisk’s LOCATION® databases:

  • Commercial territory codes — commercial property, commercial auto, and Basic Group II zones
  • Commercial building code information
  • Wind — distance to ocean or gulf, distance to nearest body of water, and names of the bodies of water
  • Crime information — past, current, and forecasted crime scores for eight crime types; aggregate crimes against persons; aggregate crimes against property; and an overall crime risk score

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