Having unique insight into the quality of a property’s risk characteristics is a powerful advantage. You need to know which properties to underwrite immediately and those that may need a more intensive review. Verisk’s Relative Hazard Percentile stratifies properties and gives you an objective risk score you can use for individual risk selection and loss control prioritization. You can develop policy terms, conduct accurate portfolio assessments, and improve underwriting workflow faster.

Relative Hazard Percentile — available through the ProMetrix® application — uses an objective engineering formula to evaluate a building’s construction, occupancy, fire protection, and exposure relative to state and national averages for similar buildings. That insight allows you to quickly identify which properties are most likely better risks and which require more scrutiny. And that helps you make more competitive underwriting, tiering, and coverage selection decisions.



How it works

Relative Hazard Percentile is based on a 1-to-100 scale, providing you with a relative ranking among similar properties. Verisk has conducted on-site surveys of more than 3.5 million commercial buildings in our ProMetrix commercial property database. We’ve scored each building’s fire risk using an industry-standard engineering schedule.