A Week… A Month… A Year… How long are you willing to wait to go live?

And how many disruptions to your business processes are too many? Onboarding challenges are a frequent insurer complaint. Delays cost you money and can keep you from moving quickly to get the full value of your new product.

Onboard now with ProMetrix®

The ProMetrix onboarding process makes sure you get the most from your investment—and you get it quickly. Verisk offers a fast, efficient, and supported onboarding process that bypasses internal and external challenges with a solid plan, dedicated team, and our commitment to customer service.


  • Quick, simple implementation
  • Do it now, with minimal demands on your IT team
  • Integrates quickly via API
  • No system interruption during installation
  • Uptime possible in two weeks or less


  • Integrates with most systems
  • Your business needs matched to data benefits
  • Value for your investment
  • Configurable to your underwriting guidelines
  • Customer-friendly process


  • Ongoing support for life of relationship
  • Support includes operations, IT, product
  • Open and responsive process
  • One single point of contact
  • Training available on request as needed


The Process