ProMetrix – Casualty

Metrics for profitable growth


79% of policy submissions contain inaccurate information on average, due just to incorrect 6-digit NAICS codes.*

Misclassification, applicant error, and a lack of reliable data can result in adverse selection, improper risk pricing, and inaccurate premiums. This means serious dollars left on the table and more exposure than you thought you had.

*According to our studies over four years.

Experience LightSpeed™

Automation, accuracy, and increased throughput for decisions supporting risk rating and underwriting.


Close the gap with reliable data

You need robust, reliable data that’s returned quickly. ProMetrix® – Casualty delivers some of the most complete and accurate point-of-sale casualty data and analytics you can get from a single source, for all casualty risks, and available through an API or by web.

Discover a path to increased profitability

ProMetrix – Casualty helps eliminate the need for time-intensive research to complete and confirm an application. We evaluate and validate information and identify new data to help make sure you have the proper risk selection and pricing. And that can lead to increased profitability.

Actionable information


Business firmographics: High-quality, verified business information, including risk classification

Management competency: Actionable analytics and insights on how the business is run, including credit score, other financial metrics, and business violation information

Property data: Verisk’s best-in-class, site-verified property information

Address-level data: Powerful analytics provided at the address level to help assess area risk

All-in-one report

Be confident in your underwriting decisions and help improve risk selection with a specific risk profile for all casualty lines of business. Our Casualty Underwriters Advantage Report provides the data in one simple-to-understand report.