You can immediately gain a competitive advantage when you understand which properties fit your underwriting guidelines and which require more intensive review. Verisk’s Building Underwriting Report provides extensive information on the construction, occupancy, hazards, fire protection, and applicable wind exposure of any risk in the ProMetrix® commercial property database. And it includes our Relative Hazard Percentile, which gives an objective score for individual risk selection.

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What's included?

The report provides the details you need to make accurate and cost-effective underwriting decisions. It can also help you share recommendations with your insureds for reducing hazards and improving protection deficiencies at a property, potentially resulting in better insurance rates and a building better able to withstand potential loss events.

The report includes a wind-specific information section for buildings in wind-prone areas, with data on enhanced Basic Group II (BG II) wind symbols, building construction, Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS®) scoring, roof and wall details, environment, exposure, and wind loss history. The information provides insight about potential damage that wind can cause to your insured buildings and how to mitigate the exposure.

You gain the knowledge to answer questions such as:

  • How does the building compare with similar ones?
  • What construction materials were used?
  • What hazards exist at the property?
  • What fire safeguards exist?

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Added insights

The ProMetrix database contains front, rear, and high-resolution aerial photographs, as well as diagrams for many of our 3.5 million listed buildings. The photos offer up-close and detailed views and the diagrams display room layout by floor with all dimensions to provide you with visibility into the building’s proximity to potential hazards. When you order a Building Underwriting Report, we include PhotoPakTM, Relative Hazard Percentile, a Sprinkler Assessment Report for sprinklered risks, InfoUSA Business Reports for up to four occupants, and a Property Characteristics Report.

The Building Underwriting Report includes information from Verisk’s LOCATION® databases:

  • Commercial territory codes — commercial property, commercial auto, and Group II zones
  • Commercial building code information
  • Wind — distance to ocean or gulf, distance to nearest body of water, and names of the bodies of water
  • Crime information — past, current, and forecasted crime scores for eight crime types; aggregate crimes against persons; aggregate crimes against property; and an overall crime risk score

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