Slow underwriting and quoting can put you at a competitive disadvantage. The reliable analytics in Verisk’s Building Fundamentals provide property information from tax assessor and modeled data with a 100 percent fill rate for five primary property characteristics: ISO construction class, square footage, number of stories, year built, and primary building use (Commercial Statistical Plan code). Also included—from LOCATION’s suite of solutions—are ISO Public Protection Classification (PPC™), territory, crime, wind, and Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS®).

The logic behind the 100 percent fill rate for the five core property elements is powered through advanced modeling by ISO analytics from a foundation of 50-plus years of industry experience and extensive site-verified data.



With the Building Fundamentals, you get:

  • Powerful predictive modeling supported by a wide range of data sources, including ProMetrix’s robust data, on-site surveys, third-party information, and BuildFax.
  • Construction information presented with ISO standard construction class codes:
  • Occupancy defined and translated into ISO industry standard Commercial Statistical Plan (CSP) classification codes. This four-digit code identifies the primary business use taking place in the building.

Building Fundamentals also gives you:

  • A Property Characteristics Report with public records data, including tax and market sale information, location and site information, and specific property characteristics
  • LOCATION territory codes for commercial property, commercial auto, and Group II zones
  • LOCATION BCEGS classifications and the year the codes became effective
  • LOCATION wind information, including distance to ocean or gulf, distance to nearest body of water, and names of the bodies of water
  • LOCATION crime information with past, current, and forecasted crime scores for eight crime types; aggregate crimes against persons and property; and overall crime risk
  • Data Axle USA offers detailed information on up to four building occupants
  • High-resolution aerial imagery of the building (when available)

Report benefits

  • Minimize concerns about the accuracy and availability of public records data by providing key property characteristics
  • Increase property search hit-rate and fill rate success in the ProMetrix database
  • Increased workflow efficiency by providing industry recognized and standardized ISO construction class and CSP codes

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