API (Application Program Interface)

When underwriters manually gather information from data systems, you risk making errors, accessing incorrect information, and adding extra work for your staff. With the ProMetrix® API (application program interface), you can avoid those issues and get accurate, real-time information integrated directly into your system and other business processes.

The Verisk API is a host-to-host connection between the ProMetrix commercial property database and your processing systems. You can order data from Loss Cost and Building Underwriting Reports, and we’ll return the information in an XML format that you can integrate into your internal rating and underwriting applications.


Here's just a sampling of what you get:

Loss Cost Report and Estimated Loss Cost Report

  • Full building address
  • Basic Group II (BG II) CSP code and BG II symbol
  • Experience Level Adjustment (ELA)
  • RCP code
    • Rating plan — building rating and whether the building is sprinklered
    • Construction — building’s construction class
    • Protection — PPC® code
    • Commercial Statistical Plan (CSP) codes
  • BG I and BG II loss costs

Building Reports

  • Relative Hazard Percentile — which rates a building’s construction, occupancy, protection, and exposure compared with similar buildings in the ProMetrix database
  • Public Protection Classification (PPC®) and fire protection area
  • Building/occupancy summary — construction class; number of stories; total square footage; building fire protection information; and occupants by industry grouping, including number of occupants in each group, percent of building area occupied, and existence of hazards
  • Occupancy details — which list each building occupant, square footage occupied by each, ranking of combustibility and susceptibility to fire, and occupancy hazards
  • Building fire protection details, such as protection features at the property
  • LOCATION® information, such as Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS®) classification, crime risk score, territory code, and distance to bodies of water
  • Business-specific information, such as SIC code, sales volume, and number of employees, for up to four businesses

For more information about ProMetrix API

  • Call Verisk Customer Support at 1-800-888-4476.