High-Resolution Aerial Imagery

It’s all in the details. When underwriting and quoting coverage, knowing those details can provide you with a competitive edge. High-resolution aerial imagery through our ProMetrix® suite of services helps give you the level of exposure detail needed to price policies accurately and get quotes to customers quickly.

Computer vision + machine learning

We’re creating new roof and property solutions tailored to the needs of underwriters and creating new ways to conduct property surveys using manned aircraft, drones, and mobile phones.

Together, computer vision and machine learning are giving underwriters and loss-control professionals more options for obtaining sight-verified data.

Taken at an elevation of 2,500 feet and with resolutions up to 1.5” per pixel, images have parcel-centric precision and parcel boundaries for 98 percent of the properties captured. Images capture five different views of each property: orthogonal (top down), and oblique (angular) from north, south, east, and west.

When higher resolution and different views are required, our UAV service provides on-demand drone flyovers through a nationwide network of FAA-licensed pilots.

We’ve developed algorithms capable of detecting and measuring key physical attributes of commercial buildings and surrounding area:

  • Roof material, size, shape, and slope
  • Building height
  • Building tree coverage
  • Adjacent hazards, property condition, and neighboring factors