High-Resolution Aerial Imagery

It all comes down to the details when you’re underwriting and quoting coverage. Knowing those details can provide you with a competitive edge. High-resolution aerial imagery through our ProMetrix® suite of services helps give you the level of detail needed to price policies accurately and get quotes to customers quickly.

Verisk has enhanced a variety of online ProMetrix reports with high-resolution aerial imagery. We've added four oblique, or angular, views of the building (north, east, south, and west) and one orthogonal, or top-down, view to the Building Underwriting Report, Rating Survey Detail Report, Property Details Report, Building Overview Report, and Underwriters Advantage.

Taken at an elevation of 2,500 feet and with an outstanding four-inches-per-pixel resolution, images have parcel-centric precision and parcel boundaries for 98 percent of the properties captured.

Using premium geocoding technology, the building images help you:

  • gather complete visual information on the property and structure
  • determine exposure to hazards such as brush, fuel, and coastline
  • identify external and adjacent exposures surrounding the property
  • examine roof detail in different views, which may reveal problems you can't see from the ground
  • view the property parcel boundaries clearly with the highlighted border we provide
  • assess risks such as attractive nuisances, property condition, and neighborhood factors

Image resolution

At four inches per pixel, images capture every square foot of an area in high-resolution detail from both orthogonal and oblique angles. That resolution provides something that traditional aerial images or satellite and GPS mapping can’t: detailed, directional bird’s-eye views of any property.

For more information about high-resolution aerial imagery

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