Get legal insights that give you an edge

Workers’ compensation and liability claims litigation can be an unpredictable and costly process. But what if you could leverage data to help you determine the right legal strategy?

ISO Claims Partners is partnering with Premonition, the world’s largest litigation database, to help you get an advantage with legal analytics.

Take a data-driven approach to litigation

Thousands of cases are filed every day; and settlements, judgments, and awards are costly for insurers. You could hire a major law firm and hope for the best, or you can choose counsel based on advanced legal analytics.

Premonition helps you:

  • analyze attorneys based on performance and litigation experience
  • identify the most effective and efficient attorneys before particular judges
  • evaluate the likelihood of success for different types of legal motions based on case type and judge
  • examine an arbitrator’s track record by plaintiff decision ratio and decisions for or against a company or industry
  • make data-based decisions on settlement vs. trial litigation strategy

For more information about Premonition

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