Correct rating errors and recover lost premium

Precision Reunderwriting™ from Verisk is an effective and efficient policyholder/member contact solution that enables you to correct rating errors and recover lost premium.


How does it work?

Precision Reunderwriting is a customer-friendly contact program that is designed to pursue policies, identified through RISK:check Renewal, that have the greatest likelihood of rating error and highest potential for premium recovery. Through letters, inbound/outbound phone calls, and a customized web response option, those policyholders/members selected for audit are afforded the opportunity to update and correct inaccurate rating information relating to such things as annual mileage, commute estimates, business use of a vehicle, driver assignments, missing operators, or incorrect garaging information. Each aspect of the program is customized to reflect the tone and tenor of your company, and all customer interactions are professional and polite. Precision Reunderwriting can also be utilized as a stand-alone initiative, without front-end analytics, to pursue and validate other information that is of interest to your company.

Validated information is returned in a timely manner in advance of the upcoming renewal. All phone interviews are recorded and can be easily accessed via our secure web portal, along with the mailing(s) and policy changes. Standard monthly management reports documenting program results can also be accessed through this web portal.

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