Verisk’s PhoneAssist is a suite of phone support services that help you improve your underwriting and rating processes. Our team of more than 120 National Processing Center professionals gives you accurate information on customers, properties, and hazards; determines whether customers make recommended remediation; and verifies contact information. PhoneAssist can help you reduce time and expenses, increase productivity, and mitigate risk.


Services include:

  • Risk Control Program
    When a field representative makes recommendations for mitigating risks at a property, there’s typically no follow-up to determine if the property owner made the remediation. Deprived of that knowledge, either you decline to insure the property — losing business — or issue coverage that could leave you open to unanticipated losses. We contact property owners for you until we confirm that they’ve taken action, plan to, or won’t do so. You get a final report with the information you need to make an informed decision.
  • Phone surveys
    An on-site field survey isn’t always necessary for every insured — for example, a home-based landscaper or a general contractor working out of a truck. We can conduct low-cost phone surveys to gather the underwriting and loss control information you need. We’ll call each insured using a phone script and checklist we develop with you focused on the criteria you determine.
  • Contact Verification
    As much as 40 percent of insured-provided contact information is incorrect. But without the correct contact information for a property, a field inspector can’t gain proper access and provide accurate risk data. We call each insured in advance to verify contact details. Armed with that knowledge, a scheduled appointment, and details from our ProMetrix® commercial property database, the field representative can conduct a high-quality survey.

Specific services for specific needs

You can use PhoneAssist to develop customized calling programs that help you solve unique problems quickly and effectively. We understand the complexities of risk mitigation and give you the expertise gleaned from our background in site surveys, risk assessment, and loss calculations.