ISO's Market Segments Program for Hardware and Home Improvement Stores

ISO's Market Segments Program for hardware and home improvement stores includes a variety of important coverage enhancements:

  • brands and labels — for costs associated with loss or damage to branded or labeled merchandise
  • lock replacement — for the cost to repair or replace the store's locks because of theft or loss of keys
  • installation coverage — extending business personal property coverage to apply to materials, supplies, and fixtures installed at job sites not owned, leased, or operated by the business

Additional liability coverages include errors and omissions for:

  • delivery of items sold by the store
  • home improvement design

In addition, the program includes merchandise withdrawal, with coverage for notifications, overtime, transportation, storage space, and disposal.

You can also add optional endorsements covering extortion, loss or damage to customers' automobiles, and hired auto and nonowned auto liability.

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