ISO's Market Segments Program for Auto Service Risks

ISO's Market Segments Program for auto service risks helps you serve three major classes of business:

  • repair shops — risks primarily engaged in the repair of autos, including body, fender, radiator, and ignition service — and paint shops
  • service stations — risks primarily engaged in servicing autos — including car washes and shops that sell and install auto accessories (but not shops that do major engine or body repair)
  • storage garages and other public parking facilities

Specific enhancements for this segment include coverage for:

  • employees' tools
  • above- and below-ground fuel tanks and fuel pumps

You can add coverage with these optional endorsements:

  • loss or damage to customers' automobiles (direct primary or legal-liability basis)
  • customers' and lessors' property
  • hired auto and nonowned auto liability

For more information . . .

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