ISO Site-Specific Risk Information

ISO supplies a wide array of information that underwriters and property managers use to evaluate and price particular risks. We maintain a 600-person field staff trained to gather on-site information about individual properties and communities. Insurers use that information in underwriting property insurance, as well as commercial liability and workers' compensation policies.

  • ISO surveys commercial and personal properties to determine the type and effectiveness of building construction, the hazards of various commercial uses of the properties, type and quality of sprinkler systems and other internal and external fire protection, special conditions, and potential dangers from adjacent properties. We also survey for a wide variety of other conditions, including hazards affecting liability and workers' compensation insurance.
  • We evaluate proposed design specifications for sprinkler systems before construction. We also provide suggestions for upgrading sprinkler performance.
  • We evaluate the fire protection capabilities of cities and towns. Evaluations consider water supply, fire-fighting equipment, and fire department staffing levels and training.

Available on-site services, include:

We also offer online, telephone, mail, and fax access to information from our database of specific location information.

And ISO's LOCATION® database provides property and hazard information representing every address in the United States.

All ISO Services are available to property/casualty insurers and reinsurers.

Many ISO products and services are available to other companies and organizations. In most cases, you will need to sign a separate license agreement — for which there may be a fee — to receive our products and services. For details on the products available, try our Product Finder. To ask a question or get in touch with a sales representative, contact ISO. You can also call us at 1-800-888-4476.