ISO Risk Analyzer® Personal Auto Vehicle Module for Liability

The ISO Risk Analyzer® Personal Auto Vehicle Module for Liability is a predictive analytic tool that can help you refine your personal auto rating with new liability symbols and components in finer detail down to the vehicle level — not just the vehicle series level — for model years 1981 to the present.

To do this, the vehicle module for liability analyzes vehicle series loss experience along with data on individual vehicle attributes, such as body style, vehicle performance and safety features (including ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), and information related to the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).

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ISO Risk Analyzer Personal Auto Vehicle Liability Symbols
The ISO Risk Analyzer Personal Auto Vehicle Liability Symbols provide 441 uniquely defined symbols and corresponding rating relativities for each of five coverages:

  • bodily injury (BI)
  • property damage (PD)
  • personal injury protection (PIP)
  • medical payments (MP)
  • single-limit liability

The new two-digit alphanumeric symbols represent the combined predictive power of hundreds of vehicle characteristics and loss experience distilled into a compact symbol representation.

In comparison with ISO's current Liability and PIP/Medical Payments (LPMP) Symbols produced using the LPMP Vehicle Rating Plan, the new symbols are significantly more granular.

FeaturesISO Risk Analyzer Vehicle Liability SymbolsISO LPMP Symbols
Number of Symbols44136
DetailVehicle (VIN) levelVehicle series level
CoverageBI, PD, PIP, MP, and single limitBI/PD combined and MP/PIP combined
Rating for model years1981 to present1998 to present


Because vehicle attributes are part of the module, the new symbols are also more responsive to vehicle model redesigns than the LPMP Symbols.

Component-level output
The vehicle module for liability consists of relativities and pure premium components built by coverage. For each coverage, the outputs include:

  • symbols
  • symbol relativities
  • components

The components are groupings of input variables constructed from VIN information and a number of third-party sources and represent specific vehicle attributes. The components can be thought of as “super variables” you can use directly as inputs in your predictive modeling efforts. The components include:

  • body style and dimensions (such as curb weight, bumper height, size, and body style)
  • performance and safety features (such as airbags, engine displacement, and horsepower)
  • price new and experience

You can use the output as stand-alone analytics to help classify, segment, and price your vehicle liability risks with confidence. Or you can use the components as input to jump-start your own customized model, taking advantage of ISO’s extensive data acquisition, preparation, and variable selection work necessary to build a reliable model. Alternative uses may be subject to state filing requirements.

Pricing refinement for nonstandard risks
With the vehicle module for liability, you can also achieve greater accuracy in determining liability risk for your nonstandard business, so you can price those policies to be more reflective of the associated risk.

Data sources
ISO built the vehicle module for liability using vehicle series loss experience data and information obtainable from the VIN of each vehicle, supplemented with data from extensive third-party sources that include vehicle characteristics such as:

  • physical characteristics
  • performance features
  • safety and crash test ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
  • features — antilock brakes, daytime running lights
  • other — price new and coverage-specific data

Available through VINMASTER® for ease of implementation.

ISO filing
The manual rule filings of the ISO Risk Analyzer Personal Auto Vehicle Liability Symbols based on this module are in progress.

ISO Advanced Rating Toolkit™ — Personal Auto
Available to participating ISO customers
The ISO Risk Analyzer Personal Auto vehicle module for physical damage is also available as part of the ISO Advanced Rating Toolkit for personal auto — a comprehensive bundled offering of ISO’s sophisticated pricing refinement tools. Powered by the predictive analytic capabilities of ISO Risk Analyzer, the complementary collection of rating tools within the ISO Advanced Rating Toolkit enables you to derive even more value from ISO’s personal auto products and take your pricing refinement efforts to new levels.

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