Commercial Auto Symbols

ISO Risk Analyzer Commercial Auto


Critical insight into the vehicles you insure

In today's commercial auto marketplace, many successful insurers fight the tides of adverse selection, while others struggle to find the silver bullet to profitability.

If you're in either situation, you're likely missing an essential component: insight into the risk factors associated with the vehicles you insure. That's why we built ISO Risk Analyzer® Commercial Auto Symbols, a first-to-market solution based on comprehensive information about commercial vehicle types. Our Commercial Auto Symbols enable you to bridge that gap and better manage your underwriting risks.

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Refine your commercial auto rating with symbols from ISO

Vehicles with the same make, model, and “price new” character can vary widely in their susceptibility to certain perils and the associated loss potential. Because the characteristics of a vehicle are a key component in determining the risk associated with insuring it, our ISO Risk Analyzer suite now delivers symbols for your commercial auto exposures. Tap into more than 100 uniquely defined symbols and associated rating relativities to aid your critical pricing decisions.

These symbols represent the combined predictive power of hundreds of vehicle characteristics distilled into a compact symbol representation. Sophisticated pricing refinement for your commercial auto risks is an absolute must. Now you can classify, segment, and price your commercial auto risks with confidence.