Environmental module overview

The environmental module of ISO Risk Analyzer® Commercial Auto provides sophisticated analysis for two classes of commercial auto business:

  • Local/intermediate trucks, tractors, and trailers (TTT)
  • Private passenger types (PPT)

The module employs predictive modeling to examine environmental indicators that can affect commercial auto risks, resulting in more refined estimates of future losses for your risks at the address level by major coverage, including:

  • Combined Single Limit (CSL) Liability
    • Bodily Injury
    • Property Damage
  • Collision
  • Other Than Collision

environmental module.jpg

How it works

The ISO Risk Analyzer Commercial Auto environmental module analyzes the effects of hundreds of variables and provides output for the following components at both the Census Block Group and the ZIP Code level:

  • Weather —includes measures of temperature, wind speed and terrain
  • Traffic composition — includes characteristics such as household size and home ownership
  • Traffic density — includes characteristics such as commuting patterns and public transportation usage
  • Traffic generators — includes characteristics such as transportation hubs, shopping centers, hospitals/medical centers, and entertainment districts
  • Experience/trend — includes ISO advisory loss costs and state frequency and severity trends from ISO loss cost analyses

In addition to the components, you’ll receive the address-specific loss cost.