Powered by ISO Risk Analyzer

As a participating ISO customer, you're already taking advantage of essential ISO Personal Vehicle Manual content to help develop and enhance your rating program. But now, you can derive even more value from those products and take your pricing refinement efforts to new levels with the predictive capabilities of the ISO Advanced Rating Toolkit.

The ISO Advanced Rating Toolkit for personal auto is a comprehensive bundled offering of ISO's sophisticated pricing refinement tools that includes the ISO Risk Analyzer® Personal Auto suite of predictive modeling tools and the ISO Personal Vehicle Manual.

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ISO Risk Analyzer® Personal Auto ISO Personal Vehicle Manual
Environmental Module Personal Auto Class Plan with 2013 Enhancements
Vehicle Module for Physical Damage Liability and PIP/Medical Payments Symbols
Driver History Module Increased Limit and Deductible Factors
Credit Module (in development) Miscellaneous Rating Factors
Vehicle Module for Liability/PIP Filed Advisory Prospective Loss Costs

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Predictive analytics

Powered by the predictive analytic capabilities of ISO Risk Analyzer, the complementary collection of rating tools within the ISO Advanced Rating Toolkit enables you to perform more in-depth, granular analyses, so you can:

  • More precisely segment and price your existing book of business
  • Pursue opportunities in new risk segments
  • Expand to broader geographic areas, which will enable growth as well as diversify risk
  • Guard against adverse selection

A new approach to rating

With the ISO Advanced Rating Toolkit, you can take a more holistic approach to your rating strategy. ISO's comprehensive suite of sophisticated pricing tools gives you the power to set a more accurate price for each risk and avoid underpriced—or overpriced—pockets that occur in traditional rating plans. The underpriced risks are a drain on profitability, and the overpriced risks of today are tomorrow's retention problem. The ISO Advanced Rating Toolkit provides an efficient set of tools to enhance your pricing refinement efforts.

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More tools, more value

As we bring to market our modules that are currently in development—and future modules—you will have immediate access to the new modules with no additional charge during the term of your contract. In addition to adding even more value to your rating strategy, this special bundled offering is significantly more economical than buying the products within the toolkit separately.