ISO Risk Analyzer Homeowners Building Characteristics Module

Building Characteristics Module

Even homes on the same street of similar age, size, and replacement cost value can vary widely from each other in their susceptibility to certain perils and the associated loss potential.

The ISO Risk Analyzer® Homeowners Building Characteristics Module is a powerful analytic tool that incorporates property-specific features, such as age of roof, number of rooms, square footage, and lot size; amenities like pool and finished basement; and other construction-related variables, to project highly refined loss cost relativities by peril.

By examining how specific building features and characteristics can affect each individual peril’s contribution to the total loss cost, the new module provides you with a more sophisticated way to analyze your loss exposure and identify the key drivers of loss costs so you can develop a premium more appropriate for a particular home.

The building characteristics module adds a level of advanced analytics that — for an individual risk — determines which property characteristic variables matter, how much they matter, and how the interaction of variables affects the outcome/relativity of nine major homeowners peril categories.

You'll receive the full detail from the module, including all you need to better determine the risk arising from a home’s particular characteristics.

Now you can get ISO Risk Analyzer by-peril predictive analytics through our 360Value® replacement cost estimator. ISO Risk Analyzer in 360Value makes it easy for insurers to add by-peril rating sophistication to their rating and underwriting with minimal impact on their workflow.

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