Premium audit standardized reporting format

The ISOPAX® Network (ISO Premium Audit Xchange®) has standardized premium audit reporting by providing an easy-to-read summary page with each audit report.

The summary page shows you:

  • Important information from the underwriting notes and description of operation, so you'll know at a glance if your policyholder's exposure has changed
  • The results of ISO's quality review, so you'll know the vendor has met your requirements
  • Both the estimated (if you provide it) and actual exposures, so you can see the differences by amount and percentage

standardized reporting.jpg

Interactive audit summary

An interactive audit summary builds a data file of the actual exposures reviewed during the audit process. You can then use that file to update your policy processing system automatically with the actual exposures from the audit. That eliminates manual data entry of exposures.

Premium audit reports

Premium audit reports and accompanying summaries are available as convenient PDF files, so you can view and print your audit information right from your own computer. Our consistent report format helps your staff quickly analyze audit information, letting your company process data more efficiently.