Web-based management for outsourced premium audits

The ISOPAX® Network (ISO Premium Audit Xchange®) is a web-based system for managing your outsourced premium audits.

The system combines ISO's expertise in delivering premium audit information—anywhere in the country—with the convenience of web delivery through a secure, dedicated site, www.isopax.com. The ISOPAX Network offers you a variety of ways to order, track, and retrieve your outsourced premium audits.

Countrywide access to quality premium audit services.jpg

Countrywide access to quality premium audit services

ISO works with some of the best premium audit vendors in the country—vendors that have clearly demonstrated their commitment to accuracy and timely completion of orders. Our vendor-affiliate program ensures excellent service and countrywide coverage.

Here's how it works

When you access the ISOPAX Network, you can:

  • Order physical, telephone, and mail audits for any size policy
  • Track your orders at any step in the process — just like tracking a delivery package
  • Attach documents (such as policy endorsements) to an audit when you place an order
  • Attach documents (such as certificates of insurance) when the vendor returns the audit
  • Check the current status of audits and find the reasons for late audits
  • Create a variety of management reports that show vendor activity by state, date of completion, frequency of late audits, and other factors
  • View and print your completed audits

Follow the links for details about the ISOPAX Network:

  • Service options — includes quality review, order entry, vendor management, dispute resolution, and invoice consolidation
  • Standardized reporting format — including an easy-to-read summary with each audit report
  • Quality assurance — checking the audits against ISO's demanding standards—and yours
  • Special features — batch submission, management reports, dispute management, order tracking