Protecting farmers from the risks of the 21st Century

For more than 40 years, ISO’s Farm Insurance Program has helped protect our nation’s growers from the risks of living and working off the land. But in that time, the roles of farmers and the exposures they face have changed dramatically. Today, farmers aren’t just tending to crops and livestock. They’re running pick-your-own farms and hayrides, raising alpacas, and facing new concerns on a wide range of issues.

To meet the needs of today’s farms, we’re revising all of our coverage forms and more than half of our endorsements and introducing 20 new endorsements to cover a wide range of exposures.

farm insurance program cattle.jpg

The following are just a few of the exposures addressed:

  • Agritainment
  • GMOs
  • Animal liability
  • Product recalls
  • Pollution
  • Debris removal
  • Hail and windstorms
  • Unoccupied and vacant farms
  • Data breach

Full details on our multistate farm filings, policy forms (including endorsements), and rules are available through the Circulars section of ISOnet® (login required).

Note: This is an overview of items contained in the filing. It is not a complete list. Please note that this summary does not provide any coverage, nor can it be construed to replace any provisions of the ISO policy or ISO endorsements discussed herein. Consult the ISO filing for actual descriptions and applications of coverages or exclusions.