ISO Court Report | Summaries of Court Decisions Affecting Insurance

Log in to ISO Court ReportISO Court Report® is a web-based service that offers you summaries of court decisions affecting property/casualty insurance — together with ISO staff commentary on those cases.

Throughout the country, courts frequently consider various provisions in property/casualty policies. At ISO, we monitor developing case law to help keep our insurance products responsive and up to date. Historically, we've advised participating insurers of court decisions that lead to revisions in our insurance products.

Here's what you get

Now, with ISO Court Report, you can get the latest summaries of selected additional court cases related to property/casualty insurance. The summaries may consider court decisions that:

  • uphold or otherwise address ISO policy wording
  • address procedural issues insurers may face (such as claims handling or cancellation and nonrenewal)
  • address other issues ISO is monitoring

The service also includes a "perspectives" section, where staff members of ISO's Insurance Programs and Analytic Services share their own views about the cases.

ISO Court Report is now available for the general liability and commercial umbrella lines of insurance. We plan to add additional lines in the future.

ISO Court Report Alert Service

You can also sign up for the ISO Court Report Alert Service. You'll receive an e-mail notifying you about new court summary releases. Each e-mail alert provides a title of the summary and includes an excerpt, so you can quickly identify those that might interest you. You also get a convenient link that takes you directly to the complete summary.

ISO Court Report Important Note

Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) makes available advisory services to property/casualty insurers. ISO has no adherence requirements. ISO Court Report® includes summaries of certain court cases reviewed by ISO staff and may include “perspectives” sections containing opinions from ISO staff. Opinions expressed by ISO staff do not necessarily reflect every insurer's view or control any insurer's determination of coverage. ISO does not intercede in coverage disputes arising from insurance policies. You should conduct your own review of the related cases, consult with your legal counsel, and determine the effect, if any, on your company's operations. We urge that you be guided by the advice of your attorneys on all legal requirements.

Get started today

ISO Court Report and the ISO Court Report Alert Service are free of charge to insurers that participate with ISO for forms service for the available lines. To learn how you can get access — or for more information — please send e-mail to