Commercial Inland Marine

ISO’s Commercial Inland Marine Program gives you access to information for both filed and nonfiled classes of business.

Capitalize on opportunity in the marketplace with the many commercial inland marine forms and endorsements available from ISO. Our product offerings enable you to provide truly customized solutions for your policyholders.

ISO’s Commercial Inland Marine Program includes the following 50 (filed and nonfiled) classes:

Filed classes:

  • accounts receivable
  • camera and musical
  • instrument dealers
  • commercial articles
  • equipment dealers
  • film
  • floor plan
  • jewelers block
  • mail
  • physicians and surgeons
  • signs
  • theatrical property
  • valuable papers

Nonfiled classes:

  • animal mortality
  • annual transit
  • bailees customers
  • boat dealers
  • builders risk
  • computer systems
  • contractors equipment
  • difference in conditions
  • exhibition
  • fine arts–commercial
  • fine arts dealers and galleries
  • fine arts museums
  • furriers block
  • furriers customers
  • installation
  • installment sales and leased property
  • jewelers block
  • machinery and equipment
  • marine supplies dealers
  • miscellaneous articles
  • motor truck cargo–carriers
  • motor truck cargo–contingent
  • motor truck cargo–owners
  • patterns and dies
  • processors
  • radio and television towers and equipment
  • railroad rolling stock
  • riggers liability
  • salespersons samples
  • scientific and medical diagnostic equipment
  • signs
  • tank storage
  • trip transit
  • unmanned aircraft and cargo (drones)
  • warehouse operators legal liability
  • watercraft (endorsement for homeowners policies)
  • wireless communications equipment
  • yachts

ISO Inland Marine Handbook

The ISO Inland Marine Handbook includes an exhibit that reproduces the inland marine class information from the NAIC’s 1976 Nation-Wide Marine Definition and displays the ISO forms available for those classes. You can use ISO’s experience information to help benchmark your book of business or decide to expand with new classes. Because the ISO Inland Marine Handbook coverage forms are compatible with forms we make available for other ISO lines of business, the ISO Handbook can be particularly helpful to those insurers who write certain commercial package policies. The ISO Handbook can also be a powerful policywriting reference guide or training tool.

State Filing Handbook

ISO’s State Filing Handbook provides important details on filing rates, rules, and forms in all jurisdictions—including a special section on the filing laws and regulations for nonfiled inland marine.

Actuarial Service for Commercial Inland Marine

ISO’s Actuarial Service for our commercial inland marine program provides information you can use to supplement your own experience, helping you make more informed decisions about product pricing, marketing, underwriting, reserve adequacy, and reinsurance needs.