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Commercial Liability Coverage Options for Drones
We've introduced a suite of multistate endorsements to provide insurers with a number of tools to address liability exposures that may exist for companies that use drones. We've included options to exclude or provide limited coverage for liability arising out of the use of drones. For more details about the endorsements and companion rules, which will be implemented in June 2015 in a majority of ISO jurisdictions, please refer to ISO Circulars LI-GL-2014-179 and LI-GL-2014-180.

General Liability Multistate Forms and Endorsements Revisions
To address the changing needs of insureds and insurers, we’ve revised various ISO general liability coverage forms and endorsements. We’ve also introduced various new endorsements to address a list of topics that we previously indicated were under consideration for a future revision. We’ve also submitted a rules revision to complement the forms filing. »more

Changes to actuarial procedures:

Items under consideration for future revisions

State exceptions to manual rules — identifies manual rules and applicable state exceptions

Liquor Liability Grades by State

Status reports on major filings

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