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Green Upgrades
To help you respond to the growing demand for environmentally friendly rebuilding after a loss, ISO has introduced an endorsement covering green upgrades. We've also filed supplementary rating information. The filings are in effect countrywide. For more information, refer to Circulars LI-CF-2009-210 and LI-CF-2009-211.

2011 Multistate Revision to Commercial Property Coverage Forms and Endorsements
In the fourth quarter of 2011, ISO filed a general multistate revision of commercial property forms and manuals. To help you better serve the needs of your customers, we've made many updates to existing forms and rules (and associated loss costs). We've also introduced many new endorsements, which you can use to provide additional coverages. Examples include business interruption coverage for certain secondary dependent properties and coverage for the increased cost of rebuilding following a disaster. Refer to Circulars LI-CF-2012-001 (forms), LI-CF-2012-002 (rules), and LI-CF-2012-003 (loss costs) for complete details and a copy of each filing. The revision carries a planned effective date of April 1, 2013. Watch this website for a status report as filing activity progresses.

Enhanced Wind Rating Program
ISO has begun to file an enhanced wind rating program, which will provide Basic Group II loss costs for specific eligible buildings in wind-prone states. The program combines building-specific data compiled by ISO personnel with analytics based on ISO statistical data and catastrophe model output from AIR Worldwide. The planned effective date is January 1, 2013. For more information, refer to Circulars LI-CF-2011-136, LI-CF-2012-044, LI-CF-2012-045, LI-CF-2012-048, LI-CF-2012-062, LI-CF-2012-063, and LI-CF-2012-070. Watch this website for a status report as filing activity progresses.

Fire Class Rating Eligibility
ISO has introduced rules that expand eligibility for fire class rating in the District of Columbia and Texas. The changes bring the rules for those two jurisdictions into line with the countrywide program and let you operate in a more uniform manner across the United States. For more information, refer to Circulars LI-CF-2011-118 and LI-CF-2011-139 (D.C. rules), LI-CF-2011-119 (D.C. loss costs), LI-CF-2011-105 (Texas rules) and LI-CF-2011-108 (Texas loss costs).

Follow the links for information about important issues and other changes to ISO’s Commercial Property Program:

Terrorism coverage under the TRIA reauthorization and after
On December 26, 2007, the President signed the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2007. ISO is continuing to provide coverage and rating tools to help you respond. » more

Changes to rules and forms

  • policywriting support forms — fraud warning notices and other forms — now including a certificate of property insurance — to help you satisfy legal requirements and administer your insurance programs
  • monoline class tables — a faster, more efficient way of accessing classification information

Changes to loss costs and other rating information

Changes to actuarial procedures

Items under consideration for future revisions

Status reports on major filings

The ISO Web Seminar Series
Making ISO products work for you

Throughout the year, ISO product experts host hour-long web seminars — focusing on topical issues and new and improved ISO products. We share valuable product information to help you get the most out of ISO’s core and specialty products.

After the seminars, many of the sessions are available online for you to view at your convenience. Sessions of interest to commercial property insurers include:

  • Amount of Insurance Grading Curves
  • Green buildings and ISO's Green Building Upgrade Coverage
  • ISO's 2012 Commercial Property Revisions

View past sessions

Learn about future sessions

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