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2017 Commercial Liability Umbrella Multistate Revision

We've begun submitting filings which introduce, revise and withdraw various Commercial Liability Umbrella and Commercial Excess Liability coverage endorsements and revise several rules in Division Thirteen - Commercial Liability Umbrella in the Commercial Lines Manual to reflect updates to the underlying Commercial Auto program, including the introduction of the Auto Dealer's Coverage Form under filing designation numbers CU-2017-OFR17 and CU-2017-ORU17. The proposed effective date is September 1, 2018. Please refer to the state-specific circulars for more details.

TRIA Rules Filings for Commercial Lines and New Endorsement Options for Excess Lines

We've begun submitting state-specific filings revising various rules in the Commercial Lines Manual Terrorism Supplement, in response to the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2015, under filing designation CL-2015-OTRRU. In addition, in circular LI-CU-2015-027, we announced multistate filing CL-2015-OTENF, which introduces additional exclusion of terrorism endorsements for the Commercial Excess Liability and Farm Excess Liability programs. Click here for the latest status of these revisions.

Commercial Liability Coverage Options for Drones

We've introduced a suite of multistate endorsements under the Commercial Liability Umbrella and Commercial Excess Liability Programs to provide insurers with a number of tools to address liability exposures that may exist for companies that use drones. We've included options to exclude or provide limited coverage for liability arising out of the use of drones. For more details about the endorsements and companion rules, which will be implemented in June 2015 in a majority of ISO jurisdictions, please refer to ISO Circulars LI-CU-2014-022 and LI-CU-2014-023.

Commercial Liability Umbrella Multistate Revision

In 2012, we filed revisions to the Commercial Liability Umbrella Coverage Form, endorsements, and manual rules.

Commercial Excess Liability Coverage Part

To help you serve your customers with large liability exposures, ISO has made multistate filings of a new Commercial Excess Liability Coverage Part. » more

State exceptions to manual rules — identifies commercial liability umbrella manual rules and applicable state exceptions

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