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Vehicle Telematics
Vehicle telematics is the next step in the evolution of commercial automobile rating. Responding to the rising demand for usage-based insurance (UBI), ISO has released our first UBI rating product — a manual rule based on our GeoMetric® program. The program uses ISO Risk Analyzer® predictive models to assign a risk score to micro territories traversed by an insured vehicle. Essentially, the new rule lets you offer discounts to insureds that primarily operate their vehicles in areas less risky than the garaging location. For further details, refer to Circular LI-CA-2013-028.


We've also released a GeoMetric® Program Consent Form to help you get the required consent of your insureds to participate in the program. This policywriting support form provides specific terms of participation and discloses how your company, ISO, and third-party service providers will share and retain data. For further details, refer to Circular LI-CA-2013-368.

More recently, we began submitting filings that enhance our vehicle telematics offerings even further by introducing Safety Scoring® rating procedures. The procedures let you offer discounts to insureds that engage in less risky driving behavior. For further details, refer to Circular LI-CA-2014-021.

Business Interruption Program
ISO has made multistate filings of new coverage options that address the business interruption exposures of vehicles and mobile equipment. For maximum underwriting flexibility, we're introducing the options under several ISO programs, including commercial auto, commercial property, businessowners, and the Inland Marine Handbook. We've designed the options so that, for a particular individual risk, you'll need to write the mobile business interruption coverage under only one line of business. The new coverage options for commercial auto, including related advisory rule and loss cost material, are available in most jurisdictions with an effective date of February 1, 2014. For further details about the filings, refer to Circulars LI-CA-2013-335 (forms) and LI-CA-2013-336 (rule and loss costs).

Public Auto Rating
We're updating our loss costs for public autos and enhancing our rules in a number of areas, including introduction of new classifications for paratransit and car service. We've also augmented the rules with a new rating differential for public autos equipped with mechanical lifts. We're filing the changes both within and as a companion to our experience review filings. The filing schedule began with Group 4 of 2013 and continues through Group 3 of 2014.

Zone-rated review
We've filed updated rating factors and loss costs for zone-rated trucks, tractors, and trailers. The revisions are the result of a recent review of the latest loss experience for such zone-rated vehicles. Also, we've introduced a premium development procedure for risks you choose to rate based on mileage. That change enhances the flexibility of ISO's commercial auto program by introducing another optional rating basis.

Auto Dealers Program
ISO has filed a new Auto Dealers Program to replace the Garage Program. We’ll introduce a new coverage form and a host of other forms, along with revamped rules and rating procedures. The program offers updated coverages and many new options for your auto dealership customers. » more

Motor Carrier Coverage Form transition
ISO has withdrawn the Truckers Coverage Form, effective June 1, 2010, in many jurisdictions. The Motor Carrier Coverage Form remains to cover trucking risks.

Uninsured and underinsured motorists coverage review
ISO has reviewed the rating for the uninsured and underinsured motorists coverages in most jurisdictions. We submitted state-by-state revisions in 2010 and 2011. The effective dates coincided with those for the revisions of basic limits loss costs in each jurisdiction.

Classification plan review
We implemented necessary revisions to the Commercial Auto Classification Plan state-by-state in 2011 and 2012. The effective dates for each jurisdiction coincided with those for companion basic limits loss costs revisions. Among the rating factors we revised are:

  • physical damage age group and original cost new factors in Rule 101 for private passenger types (PPTs) and other than zone-rated trucks, tractors, and trailers (TTTs)
  • physical damage deductible factors in Rule 98 for PPTs and TTTs
  • TTT primary and secondary factors in Rule 23 for liability and physical damage

For further details, refer to Circular LI-CA-2010-241.

2010 commercial auto multistate revision
ISO implemented a major multistate revision of forms, manual rules, and loss costs for commercial auto. The filings included:

  • refinement of the electronic equipment coverage
  • numerous revamped rules and advisory loss costs for miscellaneous classes and coverages
  • withdrawal of the Truckers Coverage Form

The revision became effective on June 1, 2010, in the majority of jurisdictions. »more

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