Homeowners ZIP Code Profiles

With information from ISO's aggregate database, the Homeowners ZIP Code Profiles give you the latest five years of premium and loss experience by ZIP code for each type of policy form (owners, condominium, and tenant).

In addition to the general uses for ZIP Code Profiles, you can also use the information in underwriting individual risks. For example, if a property's insured value deviates substantially from the average amount of insurance for the ZIP, you may want to flag the risk for further investigation.

Here's what you get

Homeowners ZIP Code Profiles give you premium and loss information by state, form type (owners, condo, tenant), and ZIP code. You can choose one or more of the following reports:

  • by five-digit ZIP code within three-digit ZIP code
  • by five-digit ZIP code within county
  • by five-digit ZIP code within ISO territory

You have the option of getting data for:

  • all causes of loss combined
  • all causes of loss combined excluding wind
  • individual causes of loss:
    • fire
    • lightning
    • windstorm
    • hail
    • water damage
    • theft
    • various cards, forgery, and counterfeit money
    • all other property
    • bodily injury liability
    • property damage liability
    • all other liability
    • unclassified

The available data includes:

  • average premium
  • average amount of insurance
  • average incurred loss
  • loss ratio
  • claim frequency
  • number of policies

You get the sum total of the latest five years of data for the selection (state/ZIP code/form type) without application of credibility standards and adjusted for credibility.

You can choose to get your data selection as a flat-file database or in Microsoft® Excel format. Data is available for 49 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. (Texas data is not available.)

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