FlightDeck Workflow Management

FlightDeckTM gives you the tools you need to manage your insurance survey workflow. The system lets you:

  • assign field representatives
  • track orders
  • receive completed work
  • manage quality control
  • manage billing and accounting
  • generate detailed management reports
  • develop custom forms or choose from a library of standard forms
  • archive completed surveys

Manage multiple vendors and sites

With FlightDeck, you can distribute work across multiple vendors or in-house field representatives through automated rules. FlightDeck manages:

  • territory assignments
  • workload balancing
  • staff experience
  • type of survey — commercial insurance survey
  • vendor preferences

FlightDeck makes it easy for you to do business. The system's real-time survey ordering lets you assign surveys efficiently. The order history tracks order changes and lets you cancel orders if needed. The system can also reassign orders to internal staff or other vendors.

Easier, faster, better

With FlightDeck, data quality will improve, and turnaround time will decrease. Before the field representative submits a survey form, FlightDeck runs custom business rules, ensuring completeness and the highest quality.

Field representatives can also attach additional forms, photos, diagrams, and other files (such as Microsoft® Excel and Word or Adobe® PDF files) to the completed reports.

For more information about FlightDeck

  • Call Verisk Customer Support at 1-800-888-4476.