FlightDeck Forms

Verisk has developed nearly 300 standard data-entry forms — with more than 5,000 XML data elements. We can also create custom forms tailored to specific business needs.

FlightDeck forms incorporate advanced features, including:

  • spell check
  • automatic calculation
  • attaching images
  • simple printer layout
  • carry-forwards (repeated data fields carried forward throughout each form)
  • standard PDF delivery
  • customized recommendations for reduction of hazards
  • integration with third-party report providers
  • edit checks to verify data consistency and completeness of the survey report before submission
  • common responses from pull-down menus for quick editing
  • automatic sizing of forms to fit your screen resolution
  • fit-to-width viewing options

For more information about FlightDeck

  • Call Verisk Customer Support at 1-800-888-4476.