Technical Advice for Loss Control

ISO's Engineering and Safety Service (E&S™) supplies a vast array of information on risk management and loss control. But what if you have a question our regular E&S information doesn't answer?

The E&S Consultation Service can help.

Simply go the E&S on ISOnet® website, and send us an email question. Expert E&S staff will research the answer and get back to you within one business day. You get individualized technical advice and guidance—at no additional cost to E&S subscribers.

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Here's what you get

With Consultation Service, you get authoritative information to help you cope with rapidly changing technology, regulations, and standards. And since E&S constantly monitors the latest industry developments, we're your first point of contact when you need information.

Although some of our consultations relate to industry reports and interpretations of standards, the range is truly infinite and unique. Recent topics have included guidelines for:

  • Handling Freon
  • Using galvanized thin-wall sprinkler pipe
  • Providing fire protection for large fryers
  • Using dampers for dust-collection systems