E&S™ on ISOnet

Engineering and Safety Service



Now you can get a complete array of information on risk management and loss control through ISOnet—the Internet information service for insurance professionals. ISO's Engineering and Safety Service (E&S™) brings you E&S on ISOnet—with access to a vast database of technical, legislative, and regulatory information.

With E&S on ISOnet, you'll experience:

  • Fast and easy searches for information
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Ease in downloading documents
  • Hyperlinks between documents and third-party information providers
  • Access to information and E&S experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Here's what you get

With E&S on ISOnet, you get full access to these E&S products and services:

  • Technical Reports – analyses of specific hazards, processes, operations, and products, with guidelines for loss control
  • News Reports – information on new and emerging strategies for loss control
  • Business Links Reports – information on hazards and loss control for specific types of businesses
  • Client Handouts – action plans and checklists for risk management and loss control for you to distribute to your policyholders
  • Risk Management InfoLinks – detailed indexes of web resources for risk management and loss control
  • Consultation Service – individualized technical advice and guidance on risk management and loss control
  • Legislative Loss Control Services – summaries and analyses of proposed and enacted laws and regulations affecting the services for loss control insurance companies must provide, with suggestions for compliance

How it works

E&S on ISOnet provides broad and flexible options for accessing information. You can perform searches of the full text of the E&S database—or use one of several helpful indexes.

E&S on ISOnet displays search results so you can quickly find the exact information you need. You get relevancy rankings, excerpts from report abstracts, and file details. And you can directly download the relevant reports as Microsoft® Word documents.

Helping you stay current

To alert you to new information, E&S on ISOnet includes these useful tools:

  • Updates – links to the latest 15 Technical Reports and 15 News Reports, as well as all the Legislative Information Reports published in the last 90 days
  • E-Newsletter – a monthly email with a list of the reports recently published with convenient links to those reports