Enterprise Subscription Service

Engineering and Safety Service


Enterprise Subscription Service overview

Now you can make vital E&S™ information available to your agents and customers — through your own company extranet — with E&S Enterprise Subscription Service.

E&S Enterprise Subscription Service lets you connect your secure company website — or extranet — directly to the E&S database. Your business partners and clients, as well as your own employees, will have access to the industry's leading source of technical information for risk management and loss control.

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Available information includes:

  • Technical Reports — analyses of specific hazards, processes, operations, and products, with guidelines for loss control
  • News Reports — information on new and emerging strategies for loss control
  • Business Links Reports — information on hazards and loss control for specific types of businesses
  • Client Handouts — action plans and checklists for risk management and loss control for you to distribute to your policyholders
  • and more

The information has the breadth and depth to satisfy the needs of many different kinds of users — from agents to risk managers to professionals in loss control. Your users will always have access to the latest, most accurate information on how to promote safety and prevent accidents.

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Reinforce customer relationships

Delivering safety information demonstrates your interest in working with your insureds to prevent economic loss and human suffering. That can help you build trusting relationships and retain valued customers.

And, in some states, providing access to E&S information can help you meet regulatory requirements for loss control.

Safe, secure, and easy to use

E&S Enterprise Subscription Service uses advanced security systems and encryption technology to link your users to the information they need. Yet the system does not require users to enter extra passwords or IDs.

And the E&S website puts valuable information at your customers' fingertips — with easy navigation and powerful search capabilities.

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How to get E&S Enterprise Subscription Service

E&S Enterprise Subscription Service is available only to insurance companies that subscribe to E&S. If you're a subscribing insurer, you can add the new service for a modest additional fee. For more information, contact us below.