The latest on science, tech, and standards

ISO's Engineering and Safety Service (E&S™) continuously monitors new strategies for identifying hazards and preventing loss. Each year, E&S publishes nearly 200 News Reports to give you the latest information. The reports cover the latest events and emerging issues facing professionals in risk management and loss control.

With E&S News Reports, you get information on science, technology, and standards. We post the reports daily on the E&S on ISOnet® website, and we send you email summaries with links to the complete reports.

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Recent topics have included:

  • 3D-Printer Emission Standards
  • Concussion Prevention Resources for Schools
  • Hours-of-Service (HOS) Rule Changes
  • Protecting Businesses from Ransomware Attacks

Electronic access with powerful search capabilities

News Reports are available electronically through E&S on ISOnet®. You get powerful yet easy-to-use search capabilities. For added depth, hyperlinks take you to related reports and external reference sources.

Using E&S Technical Reports

E&S encourages subscribing companies to use Technical Reports internally and externally. You can use the reports as accurate, timely resources for your own research. And you can cut and paste portions of the reports directly into policyholder letters and other materials.

E&S permits subscribing companies to post a limited number of reports on their public websites. And if you have a private, secure extranet website, you can arrange with E&S give users a seamless connection to the reports — through E&S Enterprise Subscription Service.

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