Hazard checklists and action plans for risk management and loss control

ISO's Engineering and Safety Service (E&S™) publishes a series of Client Handouts containing hazard checklists and action plans for risk management and loss control. Written in simple language, the reports will help your policyholders work with you to improve safety and prevent losses.

Client Handouts give you an important tool for educating your policyholders on how to identify hazards in their operations. And E&S Client Handouts will help your policyholders implement plans for eliminating hazards and controlling losses.

E&S offers a broad variety of Client Handouts

Here are just a few examples of the topics:

  • Cold Weather Safety for Construction Workers
  • Security Action Plan for Hotels and Motels
  • Security for Medical Facilities
  • An Inspection Program for Fire Doors
  • In-Transit Security for Hazardous Materials
  • Recommendations for a Respirator Protection Program
  • Food Safety at Retail Bakeries
  • Action Plan for OSHA Inspections

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Electronic access with powerful search capabilities

Client Handouts are available electronically through E&S on ISOnet®. You get powerful yet easy-to-use search capabilities. For added depth, hyperlinks take you to related reports and external reference sources.

Using Client Handouts

E&S encourages subscribing companies to distribute Client Handouts directly to policyholders. You can print the handouts with your own logo and other company identification to help build your relationship with your customers.

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